At the Three Limes

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Jizera Mountains

Nová Ves nad Nisou, 468 27

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Not far from the Nová Ves source of the Lusatian Nisa stand three 200-year-old lime trees (tilia cordata) embracing a wayside shrine. The group stands at the crossroads of two ancient cart tracks – one the ridge road from Paseky in Jablonec past the Nová Ves Tower to Smržovka, the second (forming part of today’s road) leading from source of the Nisa to Lučany.

During their long lives the lime trees have grown to a height of 25, 27 and 30m, with diameters of 300, 413 and 430cm respectively. The trees are now protected and have been standing at the crossroads since 1810, when the wayside shrine was built by local farmer Anton Pochmann from house No. 70, Nová Ves. The shrine differs little from the original. The original description speaks of an iron cross with a semi-circular metal roof, a picture of the Messiah and a mourning Mary, Mother of Jesus painted on a metal plate and a candle and a collection box placed on the cross. The cross is set in a granite plinth inscribed with the date 1810 and the initials APM (Anton & Marie Pochmann). For almost a hundred years the shrine was maintained by means of a fund created by the Pochmann family, later by the Posselt family, who lived opposite. After WWII the shrine was in a poor state of repair until the 1990s when a group of enthusiasts renovated it and installed new metal parts depicting the Messiah and the grieving Mary, Mother of Jesus. One of the limes was badly damaged in a storm in 1997 when it lost half of its crown. The trees are protected by law. The site is known as “at the three limes”. Across the road, built c.1895 on the site of the old cart track, is the former Posselt inn – “U Tří líp” (At the Three Limes, No. 301) – which was previously well known not only for its hospitality but also for its services to certain gentlemen, which more than compensated for its remoteness from other buildings. Its façade still bears the picturesque stylized motive of three limes.

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