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The Českolipsko Region

Polevsko, 471 16
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The skiing resort in Polevsko is elevated 550 metres above sea level, between Mount Medvědín and Polevsko.

The Poma ski lift, 400 metres long, takes skiers to two slopes - the blue (tourist) and the red (professional). Night skiing is available. The premises offer a small children's ski lift.

The biggest advantage of the locality is the low prices and easy access.

In the surroundings, you can enjoy a lot of cross-country trails (regularly maintened).

Lyžařský areál Polevsko, author: Ski Polevsko

Parking Fast refreshments Artificial snow Technical maintenance of slope Night-time skiing

Lyžařský areál Polevsko, author: Ski Polevsko
Zimní Klíč   Polevsko, author: Archiv TIC
Pohled na sjezdovku Polevsko, author: Ondřej Fetr
Polevsko, author: Archiv TIC
Sjezdovka Polevsko, author: Sportovní areál Polevsko s.r.o.
Pohled na vlek, author: Polevsko Ski
Pohled na vlek z vrcholu, author: Polevsko Ski
Výhled na Polevsko, author: Polevsko Ski
Manšestr Polevsko
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