Valley Labský Důl – the pearl of the Giant Mountains

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Giant Mountains

The valley Labský Důl is one of the most beautiful and most frequented sites in the Giant Mountains. This 8 km long wild, rocky valley was washed out by the river Elbe right along the first kilometers of its upper reaches. After retreat of the glacier, there remained a moraine bank, which is in some places up to 20 meters high. In the middle part of the valley, the river Elbe flows through a narrow rocky bed over rocky sills, the final part of Valley Labský důl is formed by Labské jámy, which is enclosed by almost vertical rocky slopes, towering up to 200 meters.

The beauty of Valley Labský důl is enhanced by several waterfalls. The biggest and the most beautiful one is to several levels divided Pančavský waterfall, whose water falls from a rocky edge up to a depth of 250 meters. Another waterfall called Labský waterfall is more in a cascade shape.

Among the most frequented hiking trails belongs the path from the chalet Labské boudy along the edge of Valley Labský důl across the ridge Zlaté návrší to the lodge Vrbatova chata and the memorial of skiers Hanč and Vrbata. This site overlooks the scenic valley Labský důl and Pančavský waterfall. From the memorial of skiers Hanč and Vrbata there is a magnificent view over the central part of the Giant Mountains, which is believed to be one of the most beautiful ones in the Czech Republic.

In the year 1791 it was still stated, that the valley Labský důl is a pristine wilderness untouched by humans. Today it is the frequented site for many tourists, who come to admire its unique beauty.

Labský vodopád
Labský vodopád
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