Via Sacra Pilgrimage Path

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The Českolipsko Region

Jablonné v Podještědí, 471 25

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A trail connecting important sacral monuments in the area where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic come into contact.

The Via Sacra is a new tourist trail in an ancient cultural region. It leads around unique works of sacral architecture and treasures of art scattered in the region where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet. The sacred path passes through Upper Lusatia, Lower Silesia and Northern Bohemia along an age-old traders' and pilgrims' path. The European Union's expansion to the east has enabled exploring a long forgotten region.

The Via Sacra revives a thousand-year history of Central Europe's culture and piety. Sacral architecture and art, legends, events and personalities of European standard witness the coexistence of Germans, Lusatian Serbs, Polish and Czech people on both banks of the Nisa River, which existed for centuries.

The Via Sacra and its stops is the polar opposite of a working day full of stress, a hectic lifestyle and worries. Whoever yields to the peculiar radiation of the sacral buildings may find peace of mind, no matter whether he or she is Christian or not, in these quiet and dignified places of great cultural and historical significance.

1. Large fasting canvas from Žitava 1472, small fasting canvas from Žitava 1573

2. Oybin Open-air Museum of the castle and monastery

3. Unity of the Brethren in Herrnhut

4. Village church in Cunewalde

5. St. Peter's Temple with treasury in Bautzen

6. Cistercians' abbey St. Marienstern, Panschwitz-Kuckau

7. The Holly Sepulchre, Stations of the Cross and Evangelic Chapel of St. Peter and Paul in Görlitz

8. Cistercian's abbey, monastery St. Marienthal Ostritz

9. Church of the Conciliation of the Holy Spirit in Jawor

10. Cistercians' monastery complex in Kreszów

11. Church in Karpacz

12. Church of the Divine Grace of the Holy Cross in Jelenia Gora

13. Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Hejnice

14. Commandry of the Order of Knights of St. John of St. Zdislava in Český Dub

15. St. Ann's Chapel in Mnichovo Hradiště

16. Jablonné v Podještědí – Basilica of St. Vavřinec and St. Zdislava


via sacra
via sacra
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