Vyskeř Hill

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Bohemian Paradise

Vyskeř, 512 64

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The hill elevated 464 m above sea level is situated above the village of Vyskeř, about 13 km to the south from Turnov.

You can climb to the top of Vyskeř along the stations of the cross, to St. Ann's Chapel. The top of the hill offers fabulous views of the surroundings, for example, towards Kozákov, Trosky, Mužský, or Ještěd. Besides the enjoyable views, the top part of Vyskeř is known for the presence of basalt columnar cleat.

Vyskeř, author: Milan Drahoňovský
Vyskeř, author: Milan Drahoňovský
Vrch Vyskeř - kaple sv. Anny, author: Jana Chabadová
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