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Bohemian Paradise

Tatobity 85
Tatobity, 512 53

Phone:+420 481 381 161
Fax:+420 481 381 161
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Tatobity is located below Kozákovský hřbet, 8km east of Turnov, north of Rovensko pod Troskami.

According to a legend, the name Tatobity dates back to the 10th century when pagans hid in local woods and rocks after losing a battle against Christians. In historical sources Tatobity is mentioned in connection with Rotštejn Castle.

There are several historical monuments in the village, for example St. Laurence's Church, or the Wayside Shrine, which allegedly inspired Jan Neruda to write Balada horská. There is also Nerudův kříž or the stature of the Virgin Mary in the village.

Not far from Tatobity, in the so-called Lužický zlom, there is Kozákov, a hill and popular destination of hikers. As Tatobity lies close to Český ráj, it is an ideal place for a peaceful but active holiday.

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