The beauty of waterfalls in the Giant Mountains

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Giant Mountains

The highest mountain range of the Czech Republic offers many beautiful places which are worth visiting. Among them are impressive waterfalls and water cascades. They fall down trough steep slopes of former glacial cirques in the upper parts of the mountains.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Giant Mountains is Pančavský vodopád. Creek Pančava falls down along a 148m high slope of Labský důl. It is the highest waterfall in our country. There are other high waterfalls in the famous valley Obří důl. For example, the waterfall Horní úpský vodopád (its cascades are 120m high) can be seen even from the top of mountain Sněžka.

Almost no visitor of Harrachov can miss the trip to waterfall Mumlavský vodopád. It is not so high, but there is a lot of water and many giant kettles, scoured by the torrents of Mumlava.

Pančavský vodopád
Pančavský vodopád
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