Passage to Renaissance

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The Českolipsko Region

Hrádek nad Nisou

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Get to know the famous, but also less known Renaissance sights in the Lužické Mountains.

There is no better starting point than Grabštejn and its surroundings. Grabštejn boasts not only a castle and chateau situated between Liberec and Saská Žitava, on the northern slopes of Ještěd, but also stunning and romantic settings. It takes only a matter of minutes to leave history and find yourself out in the wild or near water. You can travel on foot, by train, car or ride your bike.

The Castle of Grabštejn
The castle is accessible from the deepest dungeons up the gallery on top of the castle's tower.

Town Museum in Chrastava
The remote as well as recent history of the town and its surroundings.

Museum of Nativity Scenes in Kryštofovo údolí
Due to the nature of the exposition it attracts most visitors in November and December; other dates must be booked in advance.

Propitiatory cross near former St. James's Church
Sculpture of St. John of Nepomuk

Windmill near Uhelná
Although it no longer has blades propelled by the wind, everything else has been preserved in a sensitive manner. As this area is very windy, one can get a very good idea of how it worked. No admission fee.

Vraní (Krkavčí) rocks
One of the most interesting and mysterious rock formations of the Lužické Mountains.

Andělská Hora
Nowadays a small village with several historical half-timbered and log buildings; however, it used to be a prosperous mining town in the 16th century. The rectangular design of the square is still apparent.

Hrádek nad Nisou
A historically important town in the Grabštejn dominion.

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