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Bohemian Paradise

Holenice 71
Jičín, 506 01

Phone:+420 498 771 208
GSM:+420 604 489 089
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Holenice is located west of Lomnice nad Popelkou, not far from the road from Turnova to Jičín.

The first note on Holenice dates back to 1412. In 1628 the village was bought by Albrecht of Waldstein and connected to the Hrubá Skála estate. Almost in the entire valley there are houses and other buildings, some of them with preserved elements of timbered houses

Holenice lies in the picturesque country of Český ráj. The best-known landmark of the region - the ruin of Trosky Castle is located nearby. Prachovské skály is located south of Holenice. It is a popular destination of hikers and climbers.

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