Benešov u Semil

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Bohemian Paradise

Benešov u Semil 125
Benešov u Semil, 512 06

Phone:+420 481 622 793
+420 481 624 891
Fax:+420 481 622 793
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Benešov u Semil is located in a valley of the Jizera River, on the southern slope of Benešovský vrch, 567m.

The first record of the village dates back to 1411, but some sources admit that there may have been an older Slavic settlement before. The major sight of Benešov is a stone cross with the Piety relief from 1788. It is situated in the part called Podolí. In the upper part of the village you will find two alcove chapels. There are also several timbered houses with beautiful carved gabled housetops, typical for the region of Podkrkonoší, in Benešov. In the fringe of the village there is an interesting technical monument - a wooden covered bridge over the Jizera River.

The Jizera, into which six brooks in Benešov flow, creates beautiful creeks in the village and its vicinity. Thanks to a big height difference, the brooks form small waterfalls. The surroundings of the village are ideal for hiking excursions in the peaceful countryside. There are numerous cycle tracks there. In summer you can have a swim or fish in the Jizera. In winter the region offers good conditions for cross-country skiing.

There is a cross-country ski track leading from Benešov to Příkrý and further to Vysoké nad Jizerou.

Benešov u Semil
Benešov u Semil
Lávka v Benešově
Budova školy a obecního úřadu
Sportovní areál TJ Benešov
Benešov u Semil
Benešov u Semil
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