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The Českolipsko Region


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Bílá is a typical village situated in the marvellous scenery of Podještědí. It lies between Český Dub and Hodkovice nad Mohelkou.

The village was permanently inhabited as far back as the early Middle Ages and was first mentioned in 1537. However, the findings of stone tools in Petrašovice have proved that this region was populated as early as the 3rd millennium BC. Other findings were discovered near Klamorna and Letařovice.

Nowadays, Bílá consists of fourteen parts. A number of rural cottages built of wooden logs in the 19th century have been preserved until now and most of them are well maintained. The most interesting houses include e.g. cottage No. 20, built from wooden logs with a gable roof and embedded gallery and the so-called mountain gable from 1833. In the part of the village called Vlčetín there is a memorial of soldiers who died in World War I and World War II. We should also note that Petrašovice was visited by Fráňa Šrámek, a Czech poet, who was in love with the local headmaster's daughter, who he eventually married.

Bílá offers its visitors especially marvellous scenery, which also appealed to this region's best known writer - Karolína Světlá, as well as numerous other artists who drew inspiration for their work there.

Obec Bílá
Obec Bílá
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