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The Českolipsko Region

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Cvikov is located at the foot of Lužické hory, in the middle of the road between Liberec and Děčín. It extends in the broad valley of the Boberský brook. The original village was founded on an old trade route leading from the centre of Bohemia through Česká Lípa to Žitava.

The first note on Cvikov dates back to 1352. The town was an economic centre of the Milštejn estate first, and later it belonged to the Zákupy estate. From 1680 to 1775 peasant rebellions arose in Cvikov during which the rebels departed to near Zelený vrch. During the Thirty Years War armies marched through the town.

Cvikov is one of gateways to Lužické hory. It is a good location for hiking and cycling excursions; there are several castles, mansions and natural monuments in its surroundings.

Křížová cesta na Kalvárii, author: Míra Chmela
Křížová cesta na Kalvárii, author: Míra Chmela
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