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The Českolipsko Region

Jana Roháče z Dubé 29
Staré Splavy, 471 63

Phone:+420 481 120 331
GSM:+420 737 260 252
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The information centre is situated in the Roháč centre. You will find it in Staré Splavy near the railway station, opposite the post office and about ten-minute walk from Mácha Lake.

In addition to the information centre the building houses a computer classroom used by the Professional Training Centre, refreshment kiosk and public internet.

The information centre provides information about the well-known Staré Splavy tourist resort situated on the western bank of Mácha Lake. It provides complete range of information about this popular summer holiday resort.

The information centre also offers information about cultural events taking place in Staré Splavy as well as the entire region around Mácha Lake.

Turisticke informacni centrum Rohac, Stare Splavy
Turisticke informacni centrum Rohac, Stare Splavy
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