Ruin of Ralsko Castle

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The Českolipsko Region

Ralsko, 471 24

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The former castle in the possession of the Vartemberks, a powerful noble family, used to be a watch tower on the merchant route to Lusatia; it used to be a customs house as well.

The deserted castle was used by thieving knights and later destroyed by treasure hunters. At present, its ruins form the characteristic silhouette of the lonely hill. The castle was not open to the public for a long time as it was located in a military area. At present, you can set out for a challenging trip; the climbing itself is worthwhile. Besides the relics of the castle, the top offers a superb view of the České Středohoří, the Lužické Hory and Jizerské Hory, Ještěd, dominant features of Český ráj and the Mácha region with Bezděz Hill.

Ralsko Castle is connected with several legends. One of them mentions a hidden treasure guarded by a giant dog that rambles through the dense forests. Another legend insists that inside the hill, similarly to Blaník Hill, sleeping soldiers are waiting, to save the country when it gets into really serious problems.

Locality: 4 km to the northeast from Mimoň.

Zřícenina hradu Ralsko, author: Radek Kudláček
Zřícenina hradu Ralsko, author: Radek Kudláček
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