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Mácha´s Lake and The Lusatian Mountains

Máchův kraj   Máchovo jezero

Mácha´s Lake is particularly popular in the summer season. It offers its visitors the biggest and most popular lake of the Liberec Region. Each year it provides refreshment and recreation to thousands of visitors. In its surroundings there are many marked footpaths and cycle paths. The most well known destinations in this area are Doksy and Staré Splavy, which are starting points for trips to both nearby and faraway places. 

The Lusatian Mountains in summer

The Lusatian Mountains, with the highest peak Luž, also offer many possibilities for walkers and cyclists alike. Marked footpaths and cycle paths will lead you, for example, to Jiřetín pod Jedlovou where there is the ruin of Tolštejn and the pilgrimage site of Křížová hora with a Calvary. The rock castle Sloup, and the chateaus Grabštejn and Lemberk are also places worth visiting in the Lusation mountains. Stunning views of the landscape await you at the view-tower at Jedlová or from the hilltops of Klíč and Luž.

The Lusatian Mountains in winter 

Besides the Giant Mountains and the Jizera Mountains, the Lusatian Mountains also offer great opportunities for downhill skiing, as well as well-maintained cross-country routes. In winter there are well-kept tracks for cross-country skiing all around the villages of Polevsko, Kytlice, Svor, Kamenický Šenov - Prácheň and Prysk. These routes are at a height of 500 - 626 metres above sea level and are ideal for both family skiing as well as for more experienced skiers. The area offers classic technical routes of 3.5 and 7 km in length. When the snow conditions are good, there is also a 4-km circuit for skating. The ski resorts in the Lusatian Mountains are especially ideal for family skiing and for children.

In this area has many interesting tourist destinations

The Česká Lípa Region is a popular recreational area particularly thanks to its varied landscape. It attracts hiking lovers, cyclists and history enthusiasts alike. The character of the landscape is predominantly marked with lakes, of which Mácha´s Lake is the most famous and biggest. Others include Hamr pond and the Holany ponds. A number of castles and chateaus tell the rich history of this area.

Visitors of the Česká Lípa Region also have the opportunity to visit cultural and historical sights. The dominating feature of the region is the ruin of Bezděz castle, built by Přemysl Ottokar II in the 13th century. Other attractions of the Česká Lípa Region are the village memorial conservation areas. Among the most beautiful ones are Lhota, Rané, Žďár or Vojetín. The Pilgrimage Trail of the Česká Lípa Region will show you the unique religious buildings of the region. Of the eight unique pilgrimage sites belong the Basilica of St. Lawrence and St. Zdislava in Jablonné v Podještědí and the Augustinian monastery in Česká Lípa, where the Museum and Gallery of National History and Geography is also located.

The region below Bezděz charmed and inspired not only the famous romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha but also the writer Karolína Světlá. A whole exhibition is devoted to her in the Česká Lípa museum. Český Dub is associated with the personality of Bedřich Smetana who bestowed his folk opera, The Kiss (Hubička), to the region below Ještěd.

Mountain Ještěd, which dominates the whole regions and Ještěd  Ridge  offers good conditions for all winter sports. The area of Ralsko, a former military zone, is especially popular with cyclists and in-line skaters.

The Česká Lípa Region is world famous for glass making. You can discover its history up to the present day in the museums in Nový Bor and Kamenický Šenov and also directly in the glassworks themselves.

The region below Bezděz charmed and inspired not only the famous romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha but also the writer Karolína Světlá. A whole exhibition is devoted to her in the Česká Lípa museum. Český Dub is associated with the personality of Bedřich Smetana who bestowed his folk opera, The Kiss (Hubička), to the region below Ještěd.

The region Kokořínsko surprises its visitors by a variety of tourist destinations and unique places with a rich history and nature beauty. Above the rock scarps of Kokořínské valley towers the castle Kokořín, known by the stories of the famous robber Babinský. There is also Kokořínský Důl, an interesting valley near the castle, a popular tourist destination.

Accommodation in the Macha's lake and the Lusatian Mountains

Offer of accommodation in the Macha Lake area is influenced by the landscape character and tradition of tourism, which are developed early last century.

Mácha Lake and the vicinity of Doksy are traditionally sought-after areas for summer holiday, where there are a large number of pensions, recreation facilities, cottage colonies and camps. Opposite the camps and hotels on the shores of the lake, which over the holidays are filled with life, you will find in Doksy as well as in Staré Splavy a series of accommodation in private or cottages for rent, where you can find peace and quiet.

Lusetian Mountains are centrally high mountains with many small villages and hamlets, thanks to which there are many chalets and cottages for rent, family pensions. In addition to this, however, here you will also find family inns and small hotels. In larger towns such as Česká Lípa or Nový Bor there are also larger hotels.
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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
Cottage KytliceKytliceChalets and cottages7 000/7 000 Map
Holiday resort BajtlichChribskaChalets and bungalows350 110 Map
Pension PermonChribskaGuest houses350/350 42 Map
Camp BřezňákStare SplavyCamp sites and caravan parks175 40 Map
Hotel Kamýk***DoksyHotels and motels450/600 88 Map
Apartments Poslův Mill***DoksyApartments Map
Auto-camp KlůčekDoksyCamp sites and caravan parks148 Map
Auto-camp MělníkMelnikCamp sites and caravan parks125/125 446 Map
Cottages - Pension U SkályKytliceChalets and bungalows155 Map
Cottages and bungalows - camping MělníkMelnikChalets and bungalows390/390 Map
Motel and tourist hostel - camping MělníkMelnikHiking chalets and hostels220/220 96 Map
Pension U SkályKytliceGuest houses290 51 Map
Recreation centre Poslův Mlýn***DoksyCamp sites and caravan parks165 500 Map
Recreational centre KladnoDoksyChalets and bungalows130 Map
Auto-camp SloupSloup v CechachCamp sites and caravan parks45 Map
Auto-camp ZákupyZakupyCamp sites and caravan parks30 Map
Hotel Grand***, DoksyDoksyHotels and motels482/566 93 Map
Pension Eva, Kryštofovo ÚdolíKrystofovo UdoliGuest houses350/350 24 Map
Recreational area KristýnaHradek nad NisouCamp sites and caravan parks Map
Pension U lucernyKytliceGuest houses220/220 27 Map
Auto-camp - hostel SK MšenoMsenoCamp sites and caravan parks160 56 Map
Auto-camp MilčanyHolanyCamp sites and caravan parks Map
Pension FalknovKytliceGuest houses320/320 17 Map
Pension Lípa, Česká LípaCeska LipaGuest houses160 Map
Recreational centre ArnikaStare SplavyCamp sites and caravan parks230 42 Map
Recreational centre EliteStare SplavyChalets and bungalows150 192 Map
Herberk Ferdinanda DobrotivéhoSloup v CechachHiking chalets and hostels300/220 37 Map
Chalet VildaKamenicky SenovChalets and cottages12 Map
Pension castle LobečLobecGuest houses300/300 35 Map
Pension Moudrá Anna***Novy BorGuest houses350/350 13 Map
Pension Villa FlamendrKrizanyGuest houses800/900 20 Map
Pension Zlatá LípaNoviny pod RalskemGuest houses600/600 10 Map
Hotel Farm VysokáChrastavaGuest houses30 Map
Recreational centre Lesní HotelDoksyGuest houses300 142 Map
Cottage ChribskaChribskaChalets and cottages8 Map
Forest cottage Pod bílým kamenemDoksyChalets and cottages1 850 11 Map
Pension FAMI***Stare SplavyGuest houses480/480 50 Map
Pension RenataNovy BorGuest houses350/350 8 Map
Pension Stará MlékárnaKytliceApartments350/350 25 Map
Recreational Centre HarmonieStare SplavyChalets and bungalows200 64 Map
Recreational centre SnílekStare SplavyChalets and bungalows200 Map
Recreational centre Snílek - apartmentStare SplavyApartments8 Map
Residence FAMI*** De Luxe DesignStare SplavyGuest houses480/480 14 Map
Camping JiskraNovy BorCamp sites and caravan parks Map
Family pension U JanyKytliceApartments300/300 14 Map
Recreational centre MyslivnaStare SplavyChalets and bungalows150 16 Map
Recreational centre OázaSloup v CechachChalets and bungalows300/300 Map
Apartment Koňák Novy BorApartments380/380 5 Map
Apartments Villa DianaBela pod BezdezemApartments Map
Cabin camp PohádkaBela pod BezdezemChalets and bungalows Map
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