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Giant Mountains

Krkonoše - Paseky nad Jizerou

The Giant Mountains are the highest and most visited mountain range in the whole of the Czech Republic and the only range of highland terrain and such diverse nature. To preserve the extraordinary and rich landscape, the area was declared a national park in as early as 1963. The mountain range is situated on the border with Poland and joins the Jizera Mountains to the West. The highest peak of the Giant Mountains and indeed the whole Czech Republic is called Sněžka. The Giant Mountains are attractive not only for its natural wealth and picturesque folk architecture but they also offer many possibilities to spend one’s free time in an active and attractive way the whole year round.

Giant Mountains in winter

The Giant Mountains have a long history of skiing and nowadays there are many modern ski resorts – Špindlerův Mlýn, Pec pod Sněžkou, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Harrachov, Benecko, Jilemnice, Vítkovice, Paseky nad Jizerou, Vysoké nad Jizerou, Vrchlabí, Janské Lázně, Malá Úpa, Černý Důl, Žacléř, Svoboda nad Úpou, Mladé Buky and others. For fans of cross-country skiing, there are many kilometres of well prepared tracks, so it is possible to crisscross the whole area. There are ski-buses which bring skiers to individual resorts and ski tracks.

The Giant Mountains have a range of well-maintained cross-country skiing routes, offering skiers more than 500 km of cross-country fun. The sightseeing and leisure circuits around all the mountain resorts are generally not too difficult and are also suitable for less skilled skiers. For the more experienced we recommend the ridge routes, which are joined by the 90-km-long “Giant Mountains Ski Route”, which runs all through the Giant Mountains from Rýchory as far as the Jizera Mountains. The alpine nature of the Giant Mountains, which is even more evident in winter, requires that skiers be adequately experienced, well equipped, and able to abide closely by the instructions of the Mountain Rescue Service.

Giant Mountains in summer

In the summer months, there are ideal conditions for hiking in the Giant Mountains. Fit and competent cyclists can tour the region on bike and make good use of the efficient cycle-buses. A good network of hiking trails brings visitors to the most beautiful and interesting places of the mountains, for example to the waterfall Mumlavský vodopád near Harrachov, the Labská reservoir near Špindlerův Mlýn, the source of the river Elbe and the view towers Štěpánka, Žalý and Černá Hora.

Giant Mountains - other activities

In addition to skiing or hiking, the Giant Mountains offer a number of other activities. Adrenaline junkies can head to the bobsleigh runs or rope climbing centres in Harrachov, Špindlerův Mlýn and Pec pod Sněžkou. You can also try paragliding, husky safaris, snowmobiling, snowtubing, motocross or quad-biking. As the national park is a protected area, you are only allowed to enjoy these activities at specially designated zones. You can also go bowling, play golf or tennis or do other conventional and non-conventional sports.

The Giant Mountains used to be a distinguished mineral deposit, as you can see when exploring abandoned mines. Some of them were made available to the public following 2003, for example in Harrachov, or in Obří důl just below the highest Czech mountain, Sněžka.

The Giant Mountains offer a wide range of accommodation in all price categories - here you can find hotels, guesthouses and mountain huts. Suitable accommodation according to taste can be found in the tourist resorts or in places further away which offer you plenty of privacy and peace. Tourist information centres, for example in Vrchlabí, Harrachov, Jilemnice or Rokytnice nad Jizerou, will help you with accommodation and all other enquiries.

Accommodation in the Giant Mountains

If you are looking for accommodation in the Giant Mountains, it is not difficult to find anything - Bed and Breakfast, family run hotel, mountain apartment, pensions, luxury hotel and mountain lodge at various price levels. The complete accommodation service offering  in the biggest winter resorts as Harrachov, Spindleruv Mlyn, Pec pod Snezkou, Jilemnice, Vrchlabí or Janske Spa. The vast majority of accommodations are located near the ski areas. Many hotels offer accommodations in addition to other services such as spa, massage and more. But, guesthouses, lodges and other accommodation can be found everywhere throughout the mountains. Of course, Giant Mountains also offers an accommodation in camps too. .

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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
Hotel KrokusPec pod SnezkouHotels and motels700/500 35 Map
Hotel HelenaRokytnice nad JizerouHotels and motels400/350 59 Map
Hotel Krakonoš, Jablonec nad JizerouJablonec nad JizerouHotels and motels300/250 40 Map
IB PensionJablonec nad JizerouGuest houses350/300 40 Map
Mountain cottage RoxanaRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses550/380 130 Map
Pension KrakonošSpindleruv MlynGuest houses430/390 35 Map
Pension Krausovy boudySpindleruv MlynGuest houses510/450 34 Map
Pension LenochRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses550/380 56 Map
Pytloun Hotel**** HarrachovHarrachovHotels and motels998/998 150 Map
Horský hotel VltavaStrazneHotels and motels200/150 137 Map
Moravská boudaSpindleruv MlynGuest houses350/250 53 Map
Mountain Cottage Dvořákova boudaSpindleruv MlynGuest houses47 Map
Mountain Cottage NovopackáSpindleruv MlynChalets and cottages395/325 47 Map
Pension Anna, Rokytnice nad JizerouRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses370/250 44 Map
Pension RokyRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses400/320 27 Map
Pension U HáskůRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses370/300 32 Map
Relax hotel Bára ***BeneckoHotels and motels650/470 78 Map
Apartments U cisařůSpindleruv MlynApartments420/300 6 Map
Cottage Pod Lípou, Horní BrannáHorni BrannaApartments200/200 20 Map
Hotel Lesní důmJanske LazneHotels and motels620/420 51 Map
Hotel Pension DavidHarrachovHotels and motels550/450 65 Map
Mountain cottage U BeranůHarrachovChalets and cottages370/300 Map
Pension 375VitkoviceGuest houses270/270 20 Map
Pension Alpský důmStrazneGuest houses550/550 23 Map
Pension ExnarStrazneGuest houses500/450 16 Map
Pension Na stráni VitkoviceGuest houses260/150 34 Map
Pension U BeranůHarrachovGuest houses370/300 13 Map
Pension U CísařůSpindleruv MlynGuest houses420/300 6 Map
Accommodation in Private HrušováPaseky nad JizerouPrivate accommodation200/170 16 Map
Accommodation in Private U násBeneckoApartments300/150 12 Map
Auto-camp Dolní KalnáDolni KalnaCamp sites and caravan parks150 74 Map
Hotel Diana, Špindlerův MlýnSpindleruv MlynHotels and motels550/520 28 Map
Hotel Krakonoš, BeneckoBeneckoHotels and motels300/220 80 Map
Hotel U hraběte HarrachaHarrachovHotels and motels600/500 30 Map
Pension and Restaurant Pod StudenovemRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses350/280 40 Map
Pension Jana, MříčnáMricnaGuest houses370/370 18 Map
Pension Samohel Rokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses450/350 30 Map
Family pension ImlaufVrchlabiGuest houses500/300 40 Map
Tourist hostel TJ Sokol, Jablonec nad JizerouJablonec nad JizerouHiking chalets and hostels180/130 38 Map
Pension PohlHarrachovGuest houses400/300 17 Map
Cottage AlenkaJanske LazneGuest houses300/220 10 Map
Hotel Starý mlýn, Rokytnice nad JizerouRokytnice nad JizerouHotels and motels500/550 88 Map
Pension KoulaPec pod SnezkouGuest houses400/300 40 Map
Cottage VltavaRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses300/200 38 Map
Pension MedvědínVitkoviceGuest houses440/400 52 Map
Apartments AldrovVitkoviceApartments275/230 20 Map
Hotel Kolínska BoudaPec pod SnezkouHotels and motels104 Map
Accommodation NedvědoviRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses300/250 16 Map
Private accommodation Horská 239VrchlabiPrivate accommodation300/200 12 Map
Apartments and mountain farming settlement Na Zvonici Paseky nad JizerouApartments200/200 20 Map
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