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Czech Switzerland

Pravčická brána

Czech Switzerland is situated in the most northern part of the Czech Republic, near the border with Germany. The most important water course of the Czech Switzerland region is river Labe. It flows trough the town Děčín and continues trough a deep gorge to Hřensko. The landscape is characterised by numerous ledges, canyons, sandstone towers and table rocks rising over the vast sea of forests, which will literally amaze a perceptive visitor. The National Park České Švýcarsko is famous by its bizarre rock formations and the Nature Reserve Labské pískovce attracts many rock climbers. This national park of Czech Switzerland is a real nature pearl of North Bohemia and whole the Czech Republic.

A dense net of tourist trails which are connected to the roads enable you to get to know the most beautiful parts of this region with numerous view points, lookout restaurants and remarkable view towers. The most exciting town near Děčín is Hřensko, which is an entry point for the worldwide known rock bridge Pravčická brána and gorges Tichá and Divoká soutěska.

In the vicinity of Czech Switzerland are Lusetian Mountains with Šluknov region

Šluknov region is the most northern region of the Czech Republic. Its culture and history has been influenced by neighbouring Lusetia and Germany for many centuries. This neighbourhood has created specific local customs and culture, which has been preserved up to this date. In the south and south-east, the region Šluknov extends to the nature reserve Lusetian Mountains.

Town Šluknov is the most northern town of the Czech Republic and gave the name to the whole region. It is situated in the middle of basin Šluknovská kotlina. To other bigger towns of the region belong Rumburk and Varnsdorf, situated near the Lusetian Mountains in a basin of river Mandava. On three sides, it is surrounded by Germany.

The landscape of Šluknov is really diverse and very attractive for tourists. It will be enjoyed by lovers of historic monuments, as well as hikers and bikers. Šluknov is a suitable base for trips to the Lusetian Mountains and other interesting tourist destination.

Accommodation in Czech Switzerland

Accommodation and other tourism services have in Czech Switzerland a long tradition. In the entire Czech Switzerland region, there is a complete array of smaller inns and private accommodations, of which the predominant part consist of romantic half-timbered buildings.

You will find hotels mainly in the towns Děčín and Hřensko. Czech Switzerland is an area of sandstone rocks, canyons and beautiful countryside, which lies in a number of camps. Therefore, accommodation in the camp in Czech Switzerland is also very pleasant experience, too.

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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
Hotel LípaJetrichoviceHotels and motels350/350 50 Map
Pension Na Výsluní, Vysoká LípaJetrichoviceGuest houses410/410 18 Map
Hotel FaustDecinHotels and motels550/550 62 Map
Mosquito IntercampJetrichoviceCamp sites and caravan parks150/150 192 Map
Pension 51JanovGuest houses550/550 15 Map
Pension and Restaurant U násJetrichoviceGuest houses450/450 8 Map
Recreational centre SempraStare KrecanyHiking chalets and hostels150/150 85 Map
Tourist hostel and education center Zámecká sýpkaDecinHiking chalets and hostels300/300 98 Map
Accommodation in private IvankaRumburkApartments250/250 4 Map
Accommodation RůžováRuzovaChalets and cottages400/400 Map
Camp Formule - Hotel FormuleDecinCamp sites and caravan parks Map
Hotel Formule**DecinHotels and motels520/520 65 Map
Pension RomanceSrbska KameniceGuest houses250/200 52 Map
Accommondation in private ChaloupkaVelky SenovGuest houses300/300 15 Map
Hotel KovárnaDecinHotels and motels250/350 28 Map
Cottage HubertusDoubiceChalets and cottages330/330 42 Map
Pension HubertusDoubiceGuest houses330/330 42 Map
Holiday Homes Ekart HärtelJetrichovicePrivate accommodation380/380 10 Map
Pension U RytířeJanovGuest houses360 16 Map
Apartment and accommodation U HergetuJetrichovicePrivate accommodation7 Map
Apartments U SvirákůSrbska KameniceApartments350/350 7 Map
Hotel KocandaDecinHotels and motels730/730 Map
Wellness Pension BalnikaMikulasoviceGuest houses360/360 20 Map
Apartment in cottage U rybnickuJetrichoviceApartments400/350 4 Map
Apartments Vysoká LípaJetrichoviceApartments400/400 7 Map
Camp U FerdinandaSrbska KameniceCamp sites and caravan parks160 120 Map
Cottage U rybnickuJetrichoviceChalets and cottages400/400 11 Map
Pension and pub Na konci svetaJetrichoviceGuest houses300/300 16 Map
Apartments PřívozHrenskoApartments14 Map
Cottage Na BělidleKrasna LipaChalets and cottages240/240 6 Map
Kyjovská barn LP 1770Krasna LipaApartments260/260 7 Map
Pension Kyjovská terasaKrasna LipaGuest houses382/382 28 Map
Pension Na BělidleKrasna LipaGuest houses350/390 34 Map
Pension PřívozHrenskoGuest houses20 Map
Guest-house Doubické chalupyDoubiceGuest houses300/300 28 Map
Pension U HavranaJetrichoviceGuest houses350/350 14 Map
Apartments SharkaDecinApartments16 Map
Pension Cottage SneznikDecinGuest houses430/430 24 Map
Tourist hostel FabrikaDoubiceHiking chalets and hostels300/300 34 Map
Apartments U Mluvicích Kamenů & EcogardenStare KrecanyApartments Map
Apartments U pekařeDecinApartments70 Map
Autocamp AljaškaDecinCamp sites and caravan parks Map
Depandance of the pension U lišákaRumburkHotels and motels8 Map
Pension - Hotel U LišákaRumburkGuest houses8 Map
Pension Stará plynárnaHrenskoGuest houses12 Map
Cottage KyjovankaKrasna LipaChalets and cottages4 500/4 500 20 Map
Pub Kyjovská terasaKrasna LipaRestaurants and drive-in diners Map
Restaurant FormuleDecinRestaurants and drive-in diners Map
Restaurant Hotel FaustDecinRestaurants and drive-in diners Map
Restaurant Kovárna, DěčínDecinRestaurants and drive-in diners Map
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