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Bohemian Paradise

Kost Plakánek

Bohemian Paradise rightly takes its name because the beautiful corner of land that lies between the towns of Turnov, Jičín and Mladá Boleslav can not be rivalled anywhere else in Bohemia. Romantic valleys and a manifold of so called rock cities are mixed with meadows and timbered houses. Bohemian Paradise is rich in medieval castles and romantic chateaus, rock viewpoints and towers offering views across the whole region.

Bohemian Paradise is the oldest protected area in the region and to add to its uniqueness it was enlisted into the UNESCO network of European and world geoparks – the first in the Czech Republic.

Bohemian Paradise - in summer

Of the numerous natural beauties that Bohemian Paradise has to offer, definitely do not miss out on the rock cities of Prachovské skály, Klokočské skály and Betlémské skály, nor the labyrinth of rocks at Hruboskalsko and Maloskalsko, or even the picturesque valleys of Podtrosecká, Jizera, Plakánek, and the dolomite caves in Bozkov. Several ponds, for example Věžický rybník and Vidlák pod Troskami and those at Jinolice are also not to be missed.

Bohemian Paradise is also a region of important historical sights. Among the most important are the chateaus and castles of Sychrov, Hrubý Rohozec, Valdštejn, Trosky, Hrubá Skála and many others. One of the preciously preserved monuments of folk architecture is Dlask Farm in Dolánky near Turnov. A number of museums also offer a historical insight to the region – in Turnov, Lomnice nad Popelkou or Železný Brod, for example. You will be led to the most important and beautiful places of Bohemian Paradise by the red markers of The Golden Footpath of Bohemian Paradise.

Bohemian Paradise is also a popular area for walking and cycling and is the cradle of Czech rock-climbing. The gentle landscape, rich in natural and historical sights, is particularly popular with families with children, who will also enjoy the interactive educational trail ‘Sedmihorky: Discover the legends of Bohemian Paradise,’ which is organised in the children´s country playground in Radvánovice near Turnov, or a tourist-train trip to the view-tower at Černá Studnice.

Bohemian Paradise - in winter

Bohemian Paradise, which is more famous as a summer tourist region, also offers plenty of choice for skiing and winter fun.

Lomnická lyžařská magistrála (Lomnice Ski Expressway)

In good snow conditions around Lomnice nad Popelkou there is the 25-kilometre-long Lomnice Ski Expressway, which offers two tracks for classic skiing and an area for skating. The ski resort also offers small well-maintained cross-country circuits 2, 3, 4 and 5 km in length. There are other cross-country routes around the top of Tábor hill.

Tábor ski resort

There is a ski tow of over 300 m long which goes almost all the way to the tourist chalet on the top of Tábor. The ski slope runs from the top station at a height of 635 m, and has an incline of 80 m. The slope is not too difficult and is particularly ideal for families with children.

Kozákov ski resort

This resort has two ski tows. The ski slopes are regularly maintained, and as they are not too difficult they are also ideal for families with children. Cars can be parked on the road right by the ski tows or in the car park on the top of Kozákov.

Struhy ski resort

This resort offers a 300-metre-long ski slope with an incline of 50 m. The resort has complete facilities for family skiing, and for children there is a rope tow free of charge. The resort also offers evening skiing.

Other smaller ski tows can be found in Semily, Líšný and Koberovy. 

Bohemian Paradise - culture and traditions

In the summer season many cultural activities are organised in various places in Bohemian Paradise. Castles and chateaus come to life with fencing tournaments, historical fairs and funfairs, theatre plays and concerts. In summer, the most important tourist attractions are connected by tourist buses.

In Bohemian Paradise you can not only admire the century old secrets of Czech jewellery making, stone masonry and glass jewellery but also buy valuable souvenirs labelled with the logo of regional produce of Bohemian Paradise – “Regionální produkt Český ráj”.

Bohemian Paradise offers all types of accommodation for a great holiday - guesthouses, cottages, huts and campsites.

Accommodation in Bohemian Paradise

Offer of accommodations in Bohemian Paradise is influenced by a long tradition of tourism in this tourist region.Bohemian Paradise is a territory with unique nature and therefore you will find here only a few hotels, primarily in Turnov and Jičín. Here there are more accommodation options in private houses, private apartments, suites, weekend cottages and houses for rent. Because this is a frequently visited area primarily in summer you will find an entire array of camps, car camps, campsites and cottage colonies.

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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
Auto-camp SedmihorkyKarloviceCamp sites and caravan parks252/480 262 Map
Tourist pension PodhájTurnovGuest houses59 Map
Apartments Duo CampBranzezApartments890 8 Map
Duo CampBranzezCamp sites and caravan parks250 Map
Apartments AdamTurnovApartments490/490 10 Map
Apartments KtováKtovaApartments400/400 58 Map
Bungalows LemberkBranzezChalets and bungalows150 45 Map
Bungalows Lemberk - campBranzezCamp sites and caravan parks150 45 Map
Hotel Na VýšinceTurnovHotels and motels400/400 30 Map
Pension Jana, Hrubá SkálaHruba SkalaGuest houses450/450 50 Map
Pension U KoubusůTurnovGuest houses350/350 27 Map
Pension U Marušky***KarloviceGuest houses430 50 Map
Pension ŽernovZernovGuest houses320 42 Map
Private accommodation Jarmila DrahoňovskáHruba SkalaPrivate accommodation200 9 Map
Recreational Centre VesecMirova pod KozakovemChalets and bungalows270 Map
Tourist hostel StonožkaNova PakaHiking chalets and hostels90/90 30 Map
Apartaments TroskyTroskoviceApartments250/250 10 Map
Cottages and camp OstružnoOstruznoChalets and bungalows280 285 Map
Hotel ŠteklHruba SkalaHotels and motels495/495 61 Map
Pension BradaJicinGuest houses60 Map
Recreational area PeckaPeckaChalets and bungalows275 83 Map
Accommodation in private OlgaZeleznicePrivate accommodation300/300 10 Map
Apartman Český ráj, TurnovTurnovApartments350/350 4 Map
Apartment Burianová EliškaMala SkalaApartments195/195 6 Map
Apartments Tunka ZdeněkMala SkalaChalets and cottages300/300 12 Map
Apartments Vila BobesLibosoviceApartments250 10 Map
Farm and pension LánskáSemilyGuest houses227/227 30 Map
Pension U České korunyJicinGuest houses350/400 4 Map
Hotel KrálíčekKacanovyHotels and motels350/350 35 Map
Hotel U kapraLazne BelohradHotels and motels495/495 27 Map
Tourist cottage VyskeřVyskerHiking chalets and hostels150/150 28 Map
Restaurant GLomnice nad PopelkouRestaurants and drive-in diners Map
Accommodation Milena CihlářováZdarChalets and cottages950/950 6 Map
Cottage Milena CihlářováZdarChalets and cottages1 800/1 800 7 Map
Lovecka CottageNova PakaChalets and cottages10 Map
Pension SlunečnoBranzezGuest houses260/260 46 Map
Apartment AtelierMala SkalaApartments350/350 5 Map
ApartmentsTerezkaHruba SkalaPrivate accommodation16 Map
Pension Do - NiLibosoviceGuest houses420/450 55 Map
Pension EdenTurnovGuest houses650/650 25 Map
Pension PolepšovnaHruba SkalaGuest houses650/650 16 Map
Accommodation on the farm KtováKtovaGuest houses250/250 40 Map
Apartment ZrcekMala SkalaApartments190/200 8 Map
Cottage HřmenínMarkvarticeChalets and cottages230/311 12 Map
Hotel pod Sikmou veziJicinHotels and motels370/370 40 Map
Lesovna SobotkaSobotkaPrivate accommodation300 4 Map
Pension HelgaZdarGuest houses500/500 15 Map
Pension LoktušeMirova pod KozakovemGuest houses270/340 22 Map
Pension Sport FrýdštejnMala SkalaGuest houses350/350 50 Map
Selský dvůr VyskeřVyskerApartments300/300 17 Map
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