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Cheap accommodation

Levné ubytování

A lot of tourists, who come to admire the beauty of untouched nature in northern Bohemia, search rather a cheap form of accommodation. In northern Bohemia it is possible to find plenty of cabins and cottages that are located in the most beautiful locations of northern Bohemia and that offer great accommodation with perfect relaxation.


Camps, holiday resorts or tourist cottages are also available for tourists. These forms of accommodation are ideal for all visitors, who are on trips all days and return to accommodation in the evening or for visitors, who want to spend almost 24 hours in the fresh air and welcome the opportunity to night campfires, barbecues and singing with a guitar. In addition it is possible to take your furry, four-legged pets to campsites and holiday resorts. Lots of tourists appreciate it.

Cheap accommodation in northern Bohemia from 150 CZK

Everyone can imagine something other under the term cheap accommodation. On our server we classify to the category of cheap accommodation the cottages, apartments, guest-houses or hotels, which require prices to 300 CZK for one adult per one night. It is always base on average price, so at Christmas, New Year and other holidays, or at the most expose season, prices of accommodation can be higher. Some hotels and guest houses offer accommodation with a breakfast or with half board, this type of accommodation is of course a bit more expensive. Anyway the offer of accommodation, which you can find on this portal in the section cheap accommodation, corresponds to the price 600 CZK for a double room without food or to the price 300 CZK in the case of using the full capacity of chalets, cottages or apartments. 

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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
Cottage KytliceKytliceChalets and cottages7 000/7 000 Map
Forest cottage HubertkaBily PotokChalets and cottages125/125 41 Map
Pension Jasmín***LiberecGuest houses650/650 26 Map
Accommodation in private Na kopečkuLazne LibverdaPrivate accommodation300/300 10 Map
Auto-camp Tanvaldská kotlinaTanvaldCamp sites and caravan parks125/170 Map
Motel and tourist hostel - camping MělníkMelnikHiking chalets and hostels220/220 96 Map
Pension U SkályKytliceGuest houses290 51 Map
Tourist hostel StonožkaNova PakaHiking chalets and hostels90/90 30 Map
Tourist hostel U ŠkolyNove Mesto pod SmrkemHiking chalets and hostels200/190 18 Map
Auto-camp ZákupyZakupyCamp sites and caravan parks30 Map
Mountain cottage Pod Kaplickou, HraběticeJanov nad NisouApartments350/270 30 Map
Pension 375VitkoviceGuest houses270/270 20 Map
Pension KrásnáPencin (Jablonec nad Nisou)Guest houses330/310 35 Map
Tourist hostel and education center Zámecká sýpkaDecinHiking chalets and hostels300/300 98 Map
Accommodation in private OlgaZeleznicePrivate accommodation300/300 10 Map
Accommodation in Private U násBeneckoApartments300/150 12 Map
Apartment Burianová EliškaMala SkalaApartments195/195 6 Map
Auto-camp Dolní KalnáDolni KalnaCamp sites and caravan parks150 74 Map
Auto-camp - hostel SK MšenoMsenoCamp sites and caravan parks160 56 Map
Pension Lípa, Česká LípaCeska LipaGuest houses160 Map
Tourist cottage VyskeřVyskerHiking chalets and hostels150/150 28 Map
Tourist hostel TJ Sokol, Jablonec nad JizerouJablonec nad JizerouHiking chalets and hostels180/130 38 Map
Pension Maxova bouda Josefuv DulGuest houses200/200 15 Map
Recreation center JUNIORBranzezCamp sites and caravan parks100 Map
Holiday house SloupSloup v CechachHiking chalets and hostels300/280 30 Map
Apartment Maranova FerdinadovHejniceApartments200/200 6 Map
Tourist hostel Arnoltice - BulovkaBulovkaHiking chalets and hostels23 Map
Krakonoš recreational areaBily PotokHiking chalets and hostels60 Map
Tourist hostel TJ Vysoké nad JizerouVysoke nad JizerouHiking chalets and hostels190/160 48 Map
Apartments Pod spalenou hospodouNove Mesto pod SmrkemApartments350/350 16 Map
Auto-camp SedmihorkyKarloviceCamp sites and caravan parks252/480 262 Map
Cottage PiktychLazne LibverdaChalets and cottages200/180 31 Map
Holiday resort BajtlichChribskaChalets and bungalows350 110 Map
Apartments Duo CampBranzezApartments890 8 Map
Camp BřezňákStare SplavyCamp sites and caravan parks175 40 Map
Duo CampBranzezCamp sites and caravan parks250 Map
Hotel Krakonoš, Jablonec nad JizerouJablonec nad JizerouHotels and motels300/250 40 Map
IB PensionJablonec nad JizerouGuest houses350/300 40 Map
Pension DvůrHejniceGuest houses250/250 52 Map
Pension Krausovy boudySpindleruv MlynGuest houses510/450 34 Map
Pension Protěž***Lazne LibverdaGuest houses260/260 56 Map
Apartments U městských lázníNove Mesto pod SmrkemApartments220/220 30 Map
Auto-camp KlůčekDoksyCamp sites and caravan parks148 Map
Auto-camp MělníkMelnikCamp sites and caravan parks125/125 446 Map
Bungalows LemberkBranzezChalets and bungalows150 45 Map
Bungalows Lemberk - campBranzezCamp sites and caravan parks150 45 Map
Camp and natural bathing establishment Nové Město pod SmrkemNove Mesto pod SmrkemCamp sites and caravan parks Map
Cottages - Pension U SkályKytliceChalets and bungalows155 Map
Horský hotel VltavaStrazneHotels and motels200/150 137 Map
Hotel U DubuAlbrechtice v Jizerskych horachHotels and motels300/250 40 Map
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