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Barrier-free accommodation

Bezbariérové ubytování

Plan a holiday with person, who is in a wheelchair is not a simple matter. A lot of tourist destinations and accommodation was not for these groups of people too ready, but recently situation is gradually improving. In northern Bohemia some accommodation providers also rebuilt part of their accommodation capacities as wheelchair accessible. Owners of hotels and guest houses so want to help people, who is in wheelchair or people with deteriorated movability and enable them accommodation in beautiful surroundings and in a picturesque landscape with a lot of green vegetation and fresh air. 

Many hotels and restaurants in northern Bohemia are equipped as barrier – free accommodation. Equipment for wheelchair users includes wheelchair access to hotels, guest houses and restaurants, reserved parking, wheelchair accessible facilities, special rooms for wheelchair users that meet technical requirements. Some hotels offer accommodation for a week or for a week-end, which is specialized for the disabled persons. This accommodation is also often associated with the possibility of wellness services.  

A lot of tourist goals offer barrier-free or at least partially barrier-free access too. For example  castle Kost and Valdštějn, castle Hrubý Rohozec, Mnichovo Hradiště and Sychrov, The Dlask’s farm in the village Dolánky at Turnov, the Škoda Auto Museum in Mladá Boleslav, the museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov, The Museum of Mladá Boleslav or natural compound Šťastná země in Radvánovice at Turnov, ZOO, the botanic garden or Centrum Babylon in Liberec. The Museum of glass and jewellery is accessible for wheelchair users in Jablonec, including the gallery Belveder and in Pěnčín wheelchairs users can easily visit compound Pěnčín for trips and many others. 

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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
Pension JitkaLiberecGuest houses600/600 35 Map
Hotel Kamýk***DoksyHotels and motels450/600 88 Map
Pension Na Výsluní, Vysoká LípaJetrichoviceGuest houses410/410 18 Map
Pytloun City Boutique Hotel****LiberecHotels and motels999/999 Map
Pytloun Hotel**** HarrachovHarrachovHotels and motels998/998 150 Map
Apartments AdamTurnovApartments490/490 10 Map
Apartments Poslův Mill***DoksyApartments Map
Pension Anna, Rokytnice nad JizerouRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses370/250 44 Map
Pension Jana, Hrubá SkálaHruba SkalaGuest houses450/450 50 Map
Recreation centre Poslův Mlýn***DoksyCamp sites and caravan parks165 500 Map
Hotel FaustDecinHotels and motels550/550 62 Map
Hotel Grand***, DoksyDoksyHotels and motels482/566 93 Map
Hotel Pension DavidHarrachovHotels and motels550/450 65 Map
Mountain cottage U BeranůHarrachovChalets and cottages370/300 Map
Pension U BeranůHarrachovGuest houses370/300 13 Map
Pension UKOBedrichovGuest houses690/690 75 Map
Tourist hostel and education center Zámecká sýpkaDecinHiking chalets and hostels300/300 98 Map
Hotel U hraběte HarrachaHarrachovHotels and motels600/500 30 Map
Pension AkronAlbrechtice v Jizerskych horachGuest houses470/370 22 Map
Hotel Formule**DecinHotels and motels520/520 65 Map
Hotel KovárnaDecinHotels and motels250/350 28 Map
Pension castle LobečLobecGuest houses300/300 35 Map
Pension Moudrá Anna***Novy BorGuest houses350/350 13 Map
Pension Zlatá LípaNoviny pod RalskemGuest houses600/600 10 Map
Pension SlunečnoBranzezGuest houses260/260 46 Map
Pension Stará MlékárnaKytliceApartments350/350 25 Map
Residence FAMI*** De Luxe DesignStare SplavyGuest houses480/480 14 Map
Pension Do - NiLibosoviceGuest houses420/450 55 Map
Apartments Josef BrozekRovensko pod TroskamiApartments300/300 8 Map
Bungalow U čerta v RájiKacanovyApartments7 000/10 800 Map
Bungalows - Motel Charlie, KovačJicinChalets and bungalows500/500 Map
Pension Kamzík***Ceska KameniceGuest houses350/342 80 Map
Pension U RychtářkyHolanyGuest houses250/400 32 Map
Wellness Pension BalnikaMikulasoviceGuest houses360/360 20 Map
Apartments LauraChribskaApartments320/400 20 Map
Hotel Na PlážiStare SplavyHotels and motels500 22 Map
Mountains woodhouse Velké Hamry Velke HamryChalets and cottages280/280 13 Map
Camp DolánkyTurnovCamp sites and caravan parks90 Map
Hotel AlbertPaseky nad JizerouHotels and motels400/400 65 Map
House SundiskMala SkalaGuest houses300/350 42 Map
Pension DanaBeneckoGuest houses845/795 25 Map
Guest-house Doubické chalupyDoubiceGuest houses300/300 28 Map
Pension DianaJicinGuest houses450/450 50 Map
Hotel GalateaKosmonosyHotels and motels58 Map
Residence LakeParkStare SplavyApartments1 450/2 450 Map
Pension Janský potok I.Janske LazneGuest houses650/350 48 Map
Pension Janský potok II.Janske LazneGuest houses750/490 64 Map
Pension MatyVysoke nad JizerouGuest houses420/420 37 Map
Cottage KyjovankaKrasna LipaChalets and cottages4 500/4 500 20 Map
Pension AlmiStare SplavyGuest houses570/570 26 Map
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