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Accommodation with wellness

Ubytování s wellness

Nowadays a lot of people yearn for a truly relaxing holiday. On your holiday you can regain lost energy and as they say „recharge batteries". Imagine now – you will find a hotel in the picturesque landscape and you will be pampered in one of the local wellness centres.


Would you like a bath or a massage?

Massages are necessary for a relaxing and wellness holiday. Do you prefer a relaxing, chocolate, honey, anti-stress massage or a completely different massage? Or would you like to hot lava stones and a bubble bath? As you can see, the offer of wellness services is really rich in northern Bohemia.

Wellness hotels in northern Bohemia

Local hotels offer the majority of wellness programs. You can find in hotels a modern wellness centre, which is equipped with swimming pools, sauna, solarium, a whirlpool bath and more. You can enjoy massages or body wraps here. If you want to work on your figure, so you can visit the local fitness, spinning or other physical activities at the same time. Not only ladies, but also gentlemen use a cosmetic treatment. You will depart from your relaxing holiday as a rebirth. Try it and you will see! Wellness hotels are waiting for your visit in northern Bohemia. 

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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
IB PensionJablonec nad JizerouGuest houses350/300 40 Map
Relax hotel Bára ***BeneckoHotels and motels650/470 78 Map
Hotel Grand***, DoksyDoksyHotels and motels482/566 93 Map
Hotel Lesní důmJanske LazneHotels and motels620/420 51 Map
Hotel Pension DavidHarrachovHotels and motels550/450 65 Map
Pension UKOBedrichovGuest houses690/690 75 Map
Hotel U hraběte HarrachaHarrachovHotels and motels600/500 30 Map
Pension Jana, MříčnáMricnaGuest houses370/370 18 Map
Pension Samohel Rokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses450/350 30 Map
Hotel Kolínska BoudaPec pod SnezkouHotels and motels104 Map
Hotel SemerinkJanov nad NisouHotels and motels400/400 172 Map
Wellness Pension BalnikaMikulasoviceGuest houses360/360 20 Map
Mountain Cottage JarmilkaBedrichovGuest houses710/650 54 Map
Parkhotel Skalní město, PrachovJicinHotels and motels63 Map
Hotel GalateaKosmonosyHotels and motels58 Map
Pension Cottage SneznikDecinGuest houses430/430 24 Map
Hotel and Pension Jítravský DvorecRynolticeHotels and motels1 790/1 790 49 Map
BEST WESTERN PLUS Pytloun Design Hotel****LiberecHotels and motels699/699 Map
Hotel Kamýk***DoksyHotels and motels450/600 88 Map
Pension Protěž***Lazne LibverdaGuest houses260/260 56 Map
Pytloun Hotel*** LiberecLiberecHotels and motels599/599 Map
Pytloun Hotel**** HarrachovHarrachovHotels and motels998/998 150 Map
Pytloun Travel Hotel*** LiberecLiberecHotels and motels499/499 Map
Hotel KrálíčekKacanovyHotels and motels350/350 35 Map
Pension U kocouraDesnaGuest houses380/300 21 Map
Cottage AlenkaJanske LazneGuest houses300/220 10 Map
Pension ArturJanov nad NisouGuest houses70 Map
Hotel Jelinek***Spindleruv MlynHotels and motels1 150/695 48 Map
Hotel MaredisKorenovHotels and motels590/490 38 Map
Hotel PoštaSobotkaHotels and motels890/890 32 Map
Parkhotel HarrachovHarrachovHotels and motels150 Map
Residence LakeParkStare SplavyApartments1 450/2 450 Map
Apartments KuřátkoBeneckoApartments17 Map
Hotel Starý MlýnMala SkalaGuest houses300/300 Map
Hotel Starý mlýnZelezny BrodHotels and motels300/300 Map
Pension MarkétaHarrachovGuest houses250/250 34 Map
Hotel KristýnaSpindleruv MlynHotels and motels900/700 32 Map
Hotel MartinSpindleruv MlynHotels and motels900/700 23 Map
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