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Accommodation with swimming pool

ubytování s bazénem

In this section, there are objects placed, which offer not only accommodation and meals, but also a swimming pool. Currently tourists are more demanding and they are seeking accommodation with a swimming pool more and more now. For this reason the requirements of accommodation services are expanding.


In the offer you can find accommodation with a big outdoor swimming pool, but also accommodation with a swimming pool that is covered, or accommodation with a heated swimming pool. Choose accommodation with such a swimming pool, which you like. A swimming pool is good for your active relaxation and for guaranteed refreshment on hot summer days, after mountain hikes or skiing in the winter.  Some pools in hotels and guest houses are associated with wellness services or medicinal procedures. You can spoil not only your body, but also your soul.  

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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
Recreational Centre VesecMirova pod KozakovemChalets and bungalows270 Map
Mountain cottage Pod Kaplickou, HraběticeJanov nad NisouApartments350/270 30 Map
Pension 375VitkoviceGuest houses270/270 20 Map
Pension 51JanovGuest houses550/550 15 Map
Hotel Krakonoš, BeneckoBeneckoHotels and motels300/220 80 Map
Pension Jana, MříčnáMricnaGuest houses370/370 18 Map
Pension NikyJosefuv DulGuest houses305/265 12 Map
Pension FilounPlavyGuest houses260/290 30 Map
Pension LoktušeMirova pod KozakovemGuest houses270/340 22 Map
Cottage PavelPeckaChalets and cottages3 990/3 990 16 Map
Hotel Na PlážiStare SplavyHotels and motels500 22 Map
Auto-camp SedmihorkyKarloviceCamp sites and caravan parks252/480 262 Map
Pension Jasmín***LiberecGuest houses650/650 26 Map
Pension PermonChribskaGuest houses350/350 42 Map
Camp BřezňákStare SplavyCamp sites and caravan parks175 40 Map
Duo CampBranzezCamp sites and caravan parks250 Map
Mountain cottage RoxanaRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses550/380 130 Map
Pytloun Travel Hotel*** LiberecLiberecHotels and motels499/499 Map
Apartments AdamTurnovApartments490/490 10 Map
Apartments U městských lázníNove Mesto pod SmrkemApartments220/220 30 Map
Auto-camp KlůčekDoksyCamp sites and caravan parks148 Map
Auto-camp MělníkMelnikCamp sites and caravan parks125/125 446 Map
Guest house Jana HübnerováAlbrechtice v Jizerskych horachGuest houses390/290 39 Map
Pension Anna, Rokytnice nad JizerouRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses370/250 44 Map
Pension ŽernovZernovGuest houses320 42 Map
Relax hotel Bára ***BeneckoHotels and motels650/470 78 Map
Auto-camp SloupSloup v CechachCamp sites and caravan parks45 Map
Auto-camp ZákupyZakupyCamp sites and caravan parks30 Map
Cottage Pod Lípou, Horní BrannáHorni BrannaApartments200/200 20 Map
Cottages and camp OstružnoOstruznoChalets and bungalows280 285 Map
Hotel Lesní důmJanske LazneHotels and motels620/420 51 Map
Hotel Pension DavidHarrachovHotels and motels550/450 65 Map
Mosquito IntercampJetrichoviceCamp sites and caravan parks150/150 192 Map
Mountain cottage U BeranůHarrachovChalets and cottages370/300 Map
Pension Alpský důmStrazneGuest houses550/550 23 Map
Pension ExnarStrazneGuest houses500/450 16 Map
Pension Tereza, Albrechtice v Jizerských horáchAlbrechtice v Jizerskych horachGuest houses325/280 12 Map
Pension U BeranůHarrachovGuest houses370/300 13 Map
Pension UKOBedrichovGuest houses690/690 75 Map
Recreational area KristýnaHradek nad NisouCamp sites and caravan parks Map
Recreational centre SempraStare KrecanyHiking chalets and hostels150/150 85 Map
Accommodation in private OlgaZeleznicePrivate accommodation300/300 10 Map
Apartman Český ráj, TurnovTurnovApartments350/350 4 Map
Apartments Villa FelixSmrzovkaApartments280/250 8 Map
Auto-camp Dolní KalnáDolni KalnaCamp sites and caravan parks150 74 Map
Farm and pension LánskáSemilyGuest houses227/227 30 Map
Hotel KořínekKorenovHotels and motels200 Map
Hotel U hraběte HarrachaHarrachovHotels and motels600/500 30 Map
Auto-camp MilčanyHolanyCamp sites and caravan parks Map
Family pension ImlaufVrchlabiGuest houses500/300 40 Map
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