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Accommodation with dogs

Nowadays a lot of tourists cannot imagine a holiday without a four-legged, furry friend.  For this reason it is necessary to choose a location and a type of holiday accommodation, in which is not a problem accommodation of dogs. If you plan accommodation in a cottage, chalet or accommodation in camping site, so it will not certainly be a problem to take with you a dog. If you look for possibilities of accommodation with dogs, take a look our offer of accommodation. 


The above mentioned hotels, apartments and cottages accept pets. Before you finally book an accommodation, you should prearrange conditions directly with owner or operator of the accommodation. This is important because some hotels and guest houses have special conditions for accommodation with pets, for example only a small breeds and etc.


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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
Pension 375VitkoviceGuest houses270/270 20 Map
Pension RenataNovy BorGuest houses350/350 8 Map
Apartment and accommodation U HergetuJetrichovicePrivate accommodation7 Map
Pension Cottage SneznikDecinGuest houses430/430 24 Map
Hotel Perla Jizery ***Josefuv DulHotels and motels400/400 48 Map
Pension JitkaLiberecGuest houses600/600 35 Map
Hotel KrokusPec pod SnezkouHotels and motels700/500 35 Map
Apartments Pod spalenou hospodouNove Mesto pod SmrkemApartments350/350 16 Map
Cottage PiktychLazne LibverdaChalets and cottages200/180 31 Map
Forest cottage HubertkaBily PotokChalets and cottages125/125 41 Map
Pension PermonChribskaGuest houses350/350 42 Map
Duo CampBranzezCamp sites and caravan parks250 Map
Hotel Kamýk***DoksyHotels and motels450/600 88 Map
Hotel Krakonoš, Jablonec nad JizerouJablonec nad JizerouHotels and motels300/250 40 Map
Hotel LípaJetrichoviceHotels and motels350/350 50 Map
IB PensionJablonec nad JizerouGuest houses350/300 40 Map
Pension ButoniaKorenovGuest houses320/280 20 Map
Pension KrakonošSpindleruv MlynGuest houses430/390 35 Map
Pension Krausovy boudySpindleruv MlynGuest houses510/450 34 Map
Pension Na Výsluní, Vysoká LípaJetrichoviceGuest houses410/410 18 Map
Pension Protěž***Lazne LibverdaGuest houses260/260 56 Map
Pytloun City Boutique Hotel****LiberecHotels and motels999/999 Map
Pytloun Hotel**** HarrachovHarrachovHotels and motels998/998 150 Map
Pytloun Travel Hotel*** LiberecLiberecHotels and motels499/499 Map
Apartments AdamTurnovApartments490/490 10 Map
Apartments KtováKtovaApartments400/400 58 Map
Apartments Poslův Mill***DoksyApartments Map
Apartments U městských lázníNove Mesto pod SmrkemApartments220/220 30 Map
Auto-camp MělníkMelnikCamp sites and caravan parks125/125 446 Map
Camp and natural bathing establishment Nové Město pod SmrkemNove Mesto pod SmrkemCamp sites and caravan parks Map
Cottage HvězdaKorenovGuest houses16 Map
Cottages and bungalows - camping MělníkMelnikChalets and bungalows390/390 Map
Guest house Jana HübnerováAlbrechtice v Jizerskych horachGuest houses390/290 39 Map
Horský hotel VltavaStrazneHotels and motels200/150 137 Map
Hotel Na VýšinceTurnovHotels and motels400/400 30 Map
Hotel U DubuAlbrechtice v Jizerskych horachHotels and motels300/250 40 Map
Moravská boudaSpindleruv MlynGuest houses350/250 53 Map
Motel and tourist hostel - camping MělníkMelnikHiking chalets and hostels220/220 96 Map
Mountain Cottage Dvořákova boudaSpindleruv MlynGuest houses47 Map
Mountain Cottage NovopackáSpindleruv MlynChalets and cottages395/325 47 Map
Pension Anna, Rokytnice nad JizerouRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses370/250 44 Map
Pension RokyRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses400/320 27 Map
Pension TipLiberecGuest houses350/350 11 Map
Pension U HáskůRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses370/300 32 Map
Pension U KoubusůTurnovGuest houses350/350 27 Map
Pension U Marušky***KarloviceGuest houses430 50 Map
Pension U SkályKytliceGuest houses290 51 Map
Pension U zvonkuKorenovGuest houses320/280 12 Map
Private accommodation Jarmila DrahoňovskáHruba SkalaPrivate accommodation200 9 Map
Recreation centre Poslův Mlýn***DoksyCamp sites and caravan parks165 500 Map
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