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Accommodation with children

Školní pobyty

Northern Bohemia is also a paradise for families with children. There is a lot of tourist fairytale trails for children. And parents don’t have to respond to the typical child question: „When will we get there? “ Trips in northern Bohemia are very entertaining for children. Families with children can choose the form of accommodation which will be the most suitable for them.


A lot of hotels and guest houses offer three-bed or four-bed rooms.  If you want to choose accommodation without eating and you want to cook for yourself, so it will be good to choose an apartment. It is a good form of accommodation for this purpose. Some families give preference to private accommodation because of making new friends and tasting specialities from the kitchen of the house owner. Several families accommodate in cottages for their romantic charm and in the summer months they accommodate in camps too. It is up to you, which accommodation you choose for you and your children in northern Bohemia.


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NameCity, villageCategoryPrice CZKCapacity
Pension Jasmín***LiberecGuest houses650/650 26 Map
Pension PermonChribskaGuest houses350/350 42 Map
Hotel Kamýk***DoksyHotels and motels450/600 88 Map
Pension LenochRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses550/380 56 Map
Apartments KtováKtovaApartments400/400 58 Map
Auto-camp KlůčekDoksyCamp sites and caravan parks148 Map
Auto-camp MělníkMelnikCamp sites and caravan parks125/125 446 Map
Mountain Cottage NovopackáSpindleruv MlynChalets and cottages395/325 47 Map
Pension U HáskůRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses370/300 32 Map
Recreation centre Poslův Mlýn***DoksyCamp sites and caravan parks165 500 Map
Recreational centre KladnoDoksyChalets and bungalows130 Map
Hotel Grand***, DoksyDoksyHotels and motels482/566 93 Map
Mosquito IntercampJetrichoviceCamp sites and caravan parks150/150 192 Map
Mountain cottage Pod Kaplickou, HraběticeJanov nad NisouApartments350/270 30 Map
Pension U PotůčkuSmrzovkaGuest houses280/252 39 Map
Pension UKOBedrichovGuest houses690/690 75 Map
Apartments EvaBedrichovApartments390/270 35 Map
Hotel Diana, Špindlerův MlýnSpindleruv MlynHotels and motels550/520 28 Map
Hotel Krakonoš, BeneckoBeneckoHotels and motels300/220 80 Map
Pension AkronAlbrechtice v Jizerskych horachGuest houses470/370 22 Map
Pension and apartments Eva, BedřichovBedrichovGuest houses390/270 82 Map
Pension StylBedrichovGuest houses370/330 12 Map
Family pension ImlaufVrchlabiGuest houses500/300 40 Map
Hotel U kapraLazne BelohradHotels and motels495/495 27 Map
Pension U kocouraDesnaGuest houses380/300 21 Map
Pension U HlavičkůJanov nad NisouGuest houses290/250 24 Map
Hotel Farm VysokáChrastavaGuest houses30 Map
Hotel Starý mlýn, Rokytnice nad JizerouRokytnice nad JizerouHotels and motels500/550 88 Map
Pension ArturJanov nad NisouGuest houses70 Map
Apartments AldrovVitkoviceApartments275/230 20 Map
Apartments MaxovLucany nad NisouApartments248/248 16 Map
Pension Do - NiLibosoviceGuest houses420/450 55 Map
Pension SavoyJosefuv DulGuest houses260/230 50 Map
Pension FilounPlavyGuest houses260/290 30 Map
Pension U RychtářkyHolanyGuest houses250/400 32 Map
Hotel AlbertPaseky nad JizerouHotels and motels400/400 65 Map
Pension Na BělidleKrasna LipaGuest houses350/390 34 Map
Pension ZrzkaKorenovGuest houses13 Map
Pension Cottage SneznikDecinGuest houses430/430 24 Map
Hotel Perla Jizery ***Josefuv DulHotels and motels400/400 48 Map
Pension JitkaLiberecGuest houses600/600 35 Map
Auto-camp SedmihorkyKarloviceCamp sites and caravan parks252/480 262 Map
Cottage PiktychLazne LibverdaChalets and cottages200/180 31 Map
Holiday resort BajtlichChribskaChalets and bungalows350 110 Map
BEST WESTERN PLUS Pytloun Design Hotel****LiberecHotels and motels699/699 Map
Mountain cottage RoxanaRokytnice nad JizerouGuest houses550/380 130 Map
Pension DvůrHejniceGuest houses250/250 52 Map
Pension KrakonošSpindleruv MlynGuest houses430/390 35 Map
Pension Krausovy boudySpindleruv MlynGuest houses510/450 34 Map
Pytloun Hotel*** LiberecLiberecHotels and motels599/599 Map
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