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Gallery Granát

Bohemian Paradise

Náměstí Českého ráje 4
Turnov, 511 01

Phone:+420 481 325 989
GSM:+420 737 206 691
Fax:+420 481 325 989
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The origins of the exhibition about Granát Turnov’s artistic production date back to 1998 to the 45th anniversary of its establishment and some four years further back to the Stone and Jewel summer event held in July in the Bohemian Paradise.

The centre has open to our customers and business partners for several years now. But in July 2006 it moved to new premises above the company’s shops on the first floor.

The centre presents Bohemian garnets and garnet jewels in a cross-section exhibition. It all begins with the mining of garnet in the Bohemian Central Mountains and how they are subsequently cut. There follows goldsmith production from traditional specimens through to modern ones. One can see clear demonstrations of the production process.

The premises also feature a small picture gallery and displays of photographs by the Turnov association Contact with regular exhibitions.

Opening hours

January - December Mo - Fr 9:00 - 17:00

Entrance fee

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Restaurant - distance (m): 30
Services and facilities: Cycle parking, Cloakroom, WC, Souvenir shop, Dogs allowed
Museum Specification: fine arts

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