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Parmiggiani sculpture in Sobotka

Bohemian Paradise

Sobotka, 507 43

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The house below the Moon - La cassa sotto la luna - was opened in 1991. It crowned the works of Italian artist Claudio Parmiggiani.

This building consists of four structures made of bare bricks and situated in the four main directions: north, south, west and east. The remaining three parts are in Italy, Egypt and France. It is a work that no one can see as a whole at the same time. Parmiggiani describes its meaning as a pilgrimage in space and time, a passage to all four buildings. This passage is viewed as Virgil`s path to knowledge.

Foto Humprecht
Foto Humprecht
Skulptura Dům pod půlměsícem, author: Z.Krámek
Skulptura Dům pod půlměsícem, author: R.Vokounová
Dům pod půlměsícem v zimě
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