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Hradčanské Stěny

The Českolipsko Region

Hradčany, 471 24

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The Hradčanské Stěny - Hradčany Walls are situated in the region between Mimoň and Doksy.

Since 1933, they have been included in the Protected Landscape Area of Dokeská and the Kummer mountains. The area was declared protected in 1993, as a part of the National Nature Preserve of Dokeské Pískovce a Mokřady . It is known for the presence of relict vegetation on rocks with lime sandstone. There are approximately 20 protected and endangered or critically endangered species of flora. In addition, there are geomorphologically significant formations: rock towers, a rock gate, rock hoods, etc., and remnants of medieval iron ore exploitation. The importance of the locality is enhanced by the presence of Bubo bubo and Corvus corax.

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Skalní brána
Hradčanské stěny
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