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Following the Bohemian Paradise Gold Trail from Mnichovo Hradiště

Bohemian Paradise

Mnichovo Hradiště lies on the so-called Bohemian Paradise Gold Trail, which guides visitors around the region\'s most attractive places.

Our eyes will be arrested by the ruin of the castle of Valečov from the 14th century less than 4 km south-east of the town. The castle was built on the rock, partly hewn in the sandstone and partly built of wood. The tower of the stone palace and nearby stairs, recesses and chambers hewn in the rock, which used to be inhabited by the local poor until the late 19th century, have been preserved until the present.

The Mužský basalt hill is a landmark of the part of Bohemian Paradise around Mnichovo Hradiště. Its peak commands a panoramic view of places as far as the Bohemian Central Highlands, Bezděz, Ralsko, Lužické and Jizera Mountains. One can also see the westernmost stretches of the Krkonoše Mountains beyond Kozákov.

Not far from Mužský one can admire the inimitable rock formation of Drábské světničky. It consists of seven sandstone blocks which were long ago adjusted to form a medieval fortified settlement. Remnants of copious chambers and passages hewn in the rock to which were added wooden extensions and bridges in the 15th century have been preserved until the present day. The location also contains a chapel and a pulpit, for this used to be a hiding place of people persecuted because of their faith.

The old Slavs' fortified settlement of Hrada is situated close to Drábské světničky. It was inhabited from the 6th till the 10th century AD and features the foundations of buildings hewn in the rock. The trail continues past Píča's farm, the remnants of a large farmstead mentioned around 1682. Then the trail will take us to another fortified settlement - Klamorna. This place was inhabited as early as 3000 BC.

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Český ráj
Český ráj
Český ráj - zámek Mnichovo Hradiště
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