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Medvědín Mountain

Giant Mountains

Špindlerův Mlýn, 543 51

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Mount Medvědín, covered with forest, is a part of the ridge of Český Hřbet, in close vicinity to Špindlerův Mlýn, to the west, above the confluence of the Elbe and the Bílé Labe rivers.

The southern foot of the mountain is the source area of several streams. Mount Medvědín is a well-known skiing centre for downhill and cross-country skiing. The top is accessible on the chair-lift from Špindlerův Mlýn. It is a very good starting point to get onto the ridge of the Krkonoše and to Vrbatova Bouda. The chair-lift is in operation in winter and in summer and is designed for cyclists with bikes as well.

Locality: to the northwest from Špindlerův Mlýn.

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