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Banked chute in Janov nad Nisou – a unique experience for everybody

Jizera Mountains

The banked chute in Janov nad Nisou presents a splendid experience for visitors of all age groups. The bob-sleigh can transport one or two people, so you can bob alone or together with your children. The sleight is easy to handle, even small children can bob independently.

The chute has 22 bends, 13 are left-hand and 9 right-hand. The chute has one curiosity – a carousel where the bob turns 450 degrees. The total length of the chute is 900m, the lift is 270m long.

To the banked chute facility belongs also a restaurant with an open terrace and barbecue grill. Visitors can taste steaks, chips, pancakes and other refreshment, not only at lunch and dinner time.

The banked chute in Janov is open for all visitors every day of the year. It is closed only during some holidays and days necessary for maintenance. Opening hours in summer are from 10 AM to 8 PM, in winter to 6 PM.

Bobová dráha Janov
Bobová dráha Janov
Bobová dráha Janov
Bobová dráha Janov
Bobová dráha Janov
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