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König rope climbing centre

Jizera Mountains

Lanový park König
Nová Ves nad Nisou, 468 27

GSM:+420 604 103 975
+420 739 547 424
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10-20% discount according to the number of people in the group. 1-3 persons - reduced price 200 CZK per person, 4 and more persons - reduced price 180 CZK per person.
The König rope climbing park is a new centre in Nová ves nad Nisou. Unlike other climbing centres with obstacles suspended at great heights, the König centre features mainly ropes enabling visitors to ride on a pulley between trees.

The rope centre in Nová Ves is intended for adults and children (taller than 140 cm) regardless of age, climbing experience or physical condition. It takes courage rather than physical strength to cope with the route.

The price includes the admission to the rope track, renting equipment and instructions. It takes about one hour to complete the track.

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