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Segway rental Liberec

Jizera Mountains

Orlí 257/16
Liberec 3, 460 03

GSM:+420 777 069 941
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Riding a Segway is an inimitable experience. Take the chance to go on an unconventional guided tour.

The Segway is a unique electric vehicle that keeps itself in a balanced position. It can also be used on unpaved roads, grass, up and down the hill. Riding a Segway is quite extraordinary, unlike anything you have experienced before. On the other hand its controls are very intuitive and learning to ride takes just two or three minutes. Even a small child will manage it. The vehicle is controlled merely by the movements of the rider's body. It is enough to lean forward to start off or to lean sideways to turn. In no time at all you will feel that the Segway has become a part of you and that you are controlling it only by the power of your mind. Use the unique opportunity to borrow a Segway at the Segway rental outlet in Liberec.

Opening hours

all months Mo - Su 8:00 - 22:00

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