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Relaxation and wellness Hotel Galatea****

Bohemian Paradise

Pod Koupalištěm 881
Kosmonosy, 293 06

Phone:+420 326 721 920
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The Relax center in Hotel Galatea **** offers massages and other procedures, including sauna and ricochet. Hotel is situated in city Kosmonosy, in region Bohemian Paradise.

Relaxation is one of the necessary conditions for the regeneration of our strengths and high quality of our lives.

Classical relaxation is one of the most important legacies of the ancient cultures. Although it serves us as a starting point, we focus mainly on relaxation built upon the latest principles. Relaxation means easing, loosening, removal of stress of all kinds from our bodies and minds. Deep relaxation is also called meditation. A phase of physical and mental peace must always precede before any meaningful relaxation.

Relaxation packages in hotel Galatea are very popular. We highly recommend them to all those who need to slow down, take it easy and relax their bodies and minds. Even if you only have two days time, take advantage of the relaxation weekend package.

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