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Rules of fishing in CR

Jizera Mountains

Many tourists come for fishing to the Czech Republic.

There are several angling organizations taking care of keeping the rules of fishing: Český and Moravský rybářský svaz (Czech and Moravian Angling Union), Státní lesy (State forests), Vojenské lesy (Army forests), the Ministry of Environment and some independent registered angling organizations.

Angling permits are issued by the organizations entrusted with the administration of a certain water area, after the presentation of the state angling licence. The licence can be valid for a specific angling area, region or for several localities together. The permit can be obtained for one, two, seven or fourteen days, one month, six months and one year.

The state angling licence for one to two days, for a period shorter than one year, for a period of one year and a single use licence for the young people under 15 years can be purchased on the presentation of the passport in the local, municipal or district councils.

There are basically two types of angling areas: trout waters, where salmon fish species can be caught, and non-trout waters, where predatory fish and non-predatory fish (such as carp) can be caught.

Angling season:

In the trout territories one can fish since April 16 till the end of November. Non-trout waters are protected from March 18 till June 14. In case that the non-trout waters are enclosed (such as valley reservoirs, lakes, river branches, pools and fish ponds), the period of protection is shortened till April 30. In some selected non-trout territories angling is permitted all-year-round. Predatory fish in non-trout waters can be fished from June 15 till the end of the year.

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