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Belfry in Železný Brod

Bohemian Paradise

Malé náměstí
Železný Brod, 468 22

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The original belfry of Železný Brod was destroyed by fire in 2007. It was renewed in 2008 and towers in its original location tall and proud again.

Železný Brod had a dark wooden belfry - its typical landmark - from 1761.

The belfry was unique due to its original design by Johann Georg Volkert. The internal beam structure carried the bells and was not, except for one spot, connected with the outer coating, which rested on the outer structure, as prevention of severe vibrations. However, this landmark was destroyed by fire in 2007. The belfry was restored in 2008 thanks to voluntary donators and subsidies from the town's government, the Liberec region and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Ceremonial ringing to open the new belfry took place on Christmas Eve 2008.

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Zvonice Železný Brod
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