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Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Stráž nad Nisou

Jizera Mountains

Stráž nad Nisou, 463 03

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The church was preceded by a wooden shrine. The temple built of stone was set up by Catherine of Rederns in 1599.

In 1727 Count Philipp Josef von Gallas had the dilapidated church demolished and a new Baroque-style shrine built instead. He preserved the early Baroque pulpit made in 1686. The valuable altar of St. Catherine was transferred to the chapel of the Liberec Chateau in 1727. The three bells of the church also had an intriguing history. The most precious one, from 1600, was sold to the church in Kryšotofovo údolí in 1923 and the remaining two, except for a small passing bell, were used for military purposes. The church also houses an organ purchased thanks to a collection organised by local citizens. The church has been restored several times; the last restoration took place in 1996 and involved a restoration of paintings and statues.

Kostel sv. Kateřiny Alexandrijské, author: Milan Drahoňovský
Kostel sv. Kateřiny Alexandrijské, author: Milan Drahoňovský
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