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Bičíkův Statek and Holánův Statek - museum farmhouses

Bohemian Paradise

Příšovice, 463 46

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The museum farmhouses Bičíkův Statek and Holánův Statek are wonderful examples of traditional timbered buildings in Příšovice.

There are several timbered houses in the village. The best known is the Bičíkův Statek (Bičík Farmhouse) with a walled Baroque gate. It was built before 1600 by the Bičík family. The domestic ground floor part is connected with a farm section (the upper floor), completed with an access gallery.

According to the very first mention about the Holanův Statek (Holan Farmhouse), it was bought in 1559 by Jiří Nohýnek. The farmhouse was named after the farmer who lived and worked there at the beginning of the 20th century. At present, both farmhouses are protected monuments.

Bičíkův statek, author: Milan Drahoňovský
Bičíkův statek, author: Milan Drahoňovský
Holánův statek, author: archiv obce Příšovice
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