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Lookout points along the Kamenického Trail

Bohemian Paradise

Semily, 513 01

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The Kamenického Stezka - trail is led from Bítouchov to Spálov, in parallel with the Riegrova Stezka - trail but high above it.

The trail is 5.8 km long. It was opened to public on 15 May 1941. The trail was named after JUDr. Jan Kamenický, a native of Semily, who was a tourism promoter and an author of several publications for tourists.

The Kopáňka - the meadow at the first lookout point, with a bench at the entrance onto the forest trail, offering a view of Semily; access from the car park in upper Bítouchov

The Peretka - the first lookout point providing a view of a weir. The lookout point is named after Mr. Peretti, an Italian who arrived to work at this place during the construction of a railway tunnel (1856-1857), got married and settled in Bítouchov. When he died, his widow was nicknamed Peretka. It is believed that the Peretka used to be connected with the Sokolí Skála Rock; however, there is no written evidence about it.

The Jiřička - the second lookout point. On the opposite bank of the Jizera River, there is the Sokolí Skála (also called Falkenstein) and the Krkavčí Skála with a lookout platform. The origin of the place name is not documented; perhaps it is derived from the word for house-martin (in Czech: jiřička), which may have nested in the locality.

The U Peršinky - the third lookout point. The Moravská Jiřička - the lookout platform situated in the local part named Morava.

The U Bakala - the lookout point was named after a local named Bakala.

The U bukového mezníku - the lookout point is in bad condition (without access). The name means beech boundary (beech used to form a boundary line between properties and villages (Bítouchov, Spálov).

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