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Timbered Farmhouse and belfry in Škodějov

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Timbered houses, typical folk architecture of the Krkonoše area, are present in nearly every municipality of the upper Jizera region. They are wonderful examples of the architectonic skills and art of our ancestors.

There are not only domestic houses and farming buildings; you come across small sacral buildings as well. The typical belfries, an inseparable part of towns and villages, used to be very important: their voice used to announce happy and sad events.

At present, wooden belfries are rather rare, though. Anyway, one of them, along with a timbered farmhouse with an access gallery, has created a beautiful and picturesque corner near the road to Háje nad Jizerou. The belfry has a walled, two-shell base of a square plan. The outer granite stones are new, the interior ones, sandstone and pudding stone, are original. The stone at the entrance reads the date 1849, probably the date of the construction. Other sources mention the date 1822, though. The wide base is protected with a little roof made of two rows of shingle; the main wooden part is boarded, with bars, it narrows, and it is ended with a ledge (shingle). At the level of the bell, there are four, not overly decorated window holes. The roof is octagonal, pyramid-shaped, with a metal top, without a cross. The iron bell, diameter 40 cm, height 35 cm, is without any decorations.

The original bell was confiscated during the First World War. Despite the fact that the belfry in Škodějovice was damaged by the newest adjustments and repair work (granite base, decorated roofs replaced, the cross taken away), along with the neighbouring farmhouse, it is still a precious example of rural folk architecture.

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