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Village Arnoltice lies 7 km northeast of Decín in Růžovská highlands.

Colonization settlement reminded in 1352. Around village green there are farmsteads (brick or timber on ground-floor and timber or half-timbered on second floor). Late baroque church of Assumption of Virgin Mary was built up in the years 1756-1758, in 1910 burnt down, in 1959 reconstructed, interior decoration mainly pseudorococo, around cemetery fencing wall with three gates and 14 stations of the cross from second half of 18th century. In neighbourhood there is vicarage, initially baroque from 1774, and then rebuilt into art nouveau style in 20th century but with baroque gate and sculpture. Another two baroque statues are in village green there. B 12. Bathing place in nature 1 km to southeast in recreational settlement Nový Svet (New world). Post office. Restaurant. Bus in the direction of Janov, Decín and Labská Strán.

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