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Blue from sky and watch with fountain? Nothing impossible in Lomnice

Bohemian Paradise

You are free and can´t decide where to set out for a trip. Set out to Lomnice nad Popelkou. Nothing is impossible here!

It is really close to blue sky here and you exactly touch the clouds when you visit local lookout points. Smetana´s lookout, Kumburk lookout, view-tower on Tábor mountain - so high but yet so close to beauties of surroundings. You can also go upstairs to new outlook ambit of reconstructed ski-board K 70 in the V Popelkách ski area.

What about watch with fountain? We have already spoken about it. You can even admire big box clock with fountain. This unique peace is together with historical furniture, shows of period fashion, paintings or collection of guns part of sightseeing circle in the Municipal muzeum in Lomnice nad Popelkou. Quite functional clock has rich history. It was made in the workshop of watchmaker Franz Schmidt in Jaroměř. Antonín Šlechta who was the founder of the first hydrotherapeutic spa in Bohemia - Sedmihorky by Turnov owned the clock. That´s why the clock has fountain just as the healing wells in Sedmihorky. The illusion of running water creates turning cut glass tube. The decoration of the clock is also rich. Don´t overlook floral ornaments or romantic landscape-painting. Clock - weight system having almost one metric centner is also very interesting.

Muzeum Lomnice nad Popelkou
Muzeum Lomnice nad Popelkou
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