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Beer spa in Harrachov

Giant Mountains

Beer spa is a wholly extraordinary therapy in a tranquil and picturesque setting, which you can enjoy alone in a single bath or as a pair in a double bath. This experience can be enhanced by a relaxing chill-out massage. The beer therapy takes 20 minutes and is followed by chill-out phase, which also takes 20 minutes. During each of these phases you can enjoy one small beer from the local brewery, which also provides all the other beer products here.

Bath in a 10% beer solution promotes the blood circulation in skin and also positively affects skin deseases.

The Beer spa recently also offers:
- baths in massive wooden baths
- bath in a beer pearl bath
- LOVESTORY PRIVAT – absolute privacy during the bath procedure

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday 10:00 - 20:00

Address: Sklárna a minipivovar Novosad, Harrachov
+420 481 528 141

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