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Trip to the Castle Ralsko

The Českolipsko Region

The ruin of the castle Ralsko is situated on a hill with the same name, between the towns Mimoň and Jablonné v Podještědí. For a long time, this landmark was closed for public. It lies on the edge of a former military training base, which used to be occupied by the Soviet Army. Nowadays, the hill and the castle ruin are accessible for public and well worth a visit, although the climb may seem a little arduous.

The Castle Ralsko is the highest fortification of the Czech Republic, lying in 696 meters above the sea level. The path starts to climb up from the neighbouring village Vranov through a forest and the further you go, the steeper it is. On the top, which is 15m wide and 20m long, there are remains of castle walls. The castle was build from basalt. Even nowadays, the wall remains are 1,5 – 2,0 wide. Opposite the west side, there is the main entrance which used to have a circular watch tower, to the right there was a steep slope protecting the castle. In the narrow yard used to be stables, above them in the south a knight's hall with a two-storey tower.

If you climb up to the top, there is a wonderful all-round view of the Lusetian Mountains and the Ještěd ridge. You can see the former military training base Ralsko, a 3km-long runway and the beautiful panorama of hill and castle Bezděz and the unmistakable shape of hill Říp. Directly under our feet, there are the towns Mimoň, Stráž pod Ralskem and Jablonné v Podještědí.

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