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Church of Virgin Mary of Sorrow, de Sales

Bohemian Paradise

Jičín, 506 01

GSM:+420 733 755 942
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Church of Virgin Mary of Sorrow, de Sales

Originally a hospital and funeral church which origin dates 1629. Based on plans of N. Sebregondi or A. Spezza as Holy Trinity church, after death of Valdštejn the building works were suspended in 1634. Eventually, the church was finished 1663 in baroque style and dedicated to Virgin Mary of Sorrow, de Sales.

The main character of the church is a tower, in its corners decorated with pilasters and niches on the facades. The niches are decorated with contemporary sculptures: the Suffering of Christ in the bottom, sculptures of angels above and the sculpture of St. Paul and St. Peter on top.

The main altar (baroque style) was built in 1730, carved pews in 1731 and main doors in 1720.
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