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The Jizera Valley – The Rieger Trail

Bohemian Paradise

Let us invite you for a walk in one of the most beautiful parts of our region. Near the town of Semily, the Jizera river created a canyon, accessible through the Rieger Trail.

To the most charming parts of the trail belongs an entrance through a rock arch near Bítouchov. The visitors have to walk over the river on a 80m long suspension bridge. Near the highest point of the trail, there is a view point called Böhmova vyhlídka with a nice view of the canyon and the view point Krkavčí vyhlídka on the opposite river bank. Near Böhmova vyhlídka, there is a shelter, enabling the visitors to sit down and take a rest.

The Rieger Trail ends in Podspálov, on the confluence of the Jizera nad Kamenice rivers. The visitors can have a meal in the hotel restaurant here and decide where to go further – to Železný Brod, a town well known for glass manufacturing, to the Bozkov dolomite caves, along the Palacký Trail to the castle ruin Návarov, or back on the upper valley border (along the so called Kamenický Trail back to Semily?

Riegrova stezka
Riegrova stezka
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