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Paintball Liberec - strileni.cz - sportground Mimoň

The Českolipsko Region

Mimoň, 471 24

GSM:+420 722 265 455
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Paintball is a modern adrenaline sport, which is still more and more popular among women and men of all ages.

It is played with special paintball marker (gun), which uses compressed carbon dioxide (or air). It shoots balls filled with eco-friendly paint. Special protective gear is used, which makes it a very safe sport.

The most importatnt things for playing paintball are speed, perception, tactics, cooperation and good aiming. The game itself has lots of modifications; thus, it never gets boring. Actually, it becomes a drug for a lot of people including us.

The paintball rules and other information are to be found on the Internet. We don't want to copy other websites.

Come to have fun and increase your adrenaline blood level! We will organize the most wonderful and exciting paintball game for your group or company on our or your own playground.

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