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Paintball Liberec - strileni.cz - lesní hřiště Liberec

The Českolipsko Region

Roveň 48
Všelibice, 463 48

GSM:+420 722 265 455
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Paintball is a modern adrenalin sport whose popularity is constantly growing among men and women of all ages.

Paintball is played with a special marking gun that fires gel balls filled with harmless food colouring. Paintball requires speed, observation, tactics, cooperation and a good shot. The game can be modified in many different ways, so it never becomes boring.

Come and play paintball at our grounds near the towns of Liberec, Mladá Boleslav, Česká Lípa a Děčín. Lending quality equipment for unbeatable prices goes without saying. The rental price includes the rental of a gun, protective masks with thermal glass, neck guard and protective gloves. If necessary, we will lend you a masked military suit for a small fee.

All you need is good boots and clothes with long sleeves and long trousers. We will look after everything else.

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