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Chuchelna is located close to Semily at an elevation of 385m, on the north-east slope of Kozákov.

The first note on Chuchelna dates back to 1410. In the 13th century it belonged to the Rotštejn estate. There are several monuments in the village - Calvary, a group of statues dating back to 1739, Tůma's House No. 18 and a cross in Lhota. There is a memorial to the fallen in World War I and memorial to victims of Nazism in the centre of the village.

With its location, Chuchelna offers excellent conditions for summer and winter sports. Hiking trails and cycle tracks to Kozákov and the surrounding area go through the village. There is also a swimming pool, sports complex and downhill slopes and a ski lift on Kozákov.

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