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Bohemian Paradise

Kobyly 9
Pěnčín u Liberce, 463 45

Phone:+420 482 728 180
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Kobyly is located around 7km west of Turnov, near Sychrov Castle. It extends in the area of central Pojizeří, in a valley below the top of Ještěd on one side; there is the protected area of Český ráj on the other side.

The village was founded in the 13th century; the last historical owner was Prince Rohan who bought all of the villages in Českodubsko.

It is typical that there are are lines of linden trees and several grown linden trees protected by the government in squares of individual settlements of Kobyly. Apart from St. Wenceslas's and St. Havel's Chapels, there are several original timbered houses in the village. The village and its surroundings offer interesting opportunities for agro-tourism, cycle touring and hiking.

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