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Bohemian Paradise

Příšovice 60
Příšovice, 463 46

Phone:+420 485 177 025
+420 482 728 015
Fax:+420 485 177 025
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Příšovice is located near Turnov, along the Jizera, forming the southern border of very flat countryside.

The first evidence of the presence of humans in the area dates back to the Neolithic Age. The area has never been industrialized and therefore numerous natural monuments have been preserved there. Many folk monuments and folk buildings have been preserved.

The surrounding area of Český ráj ranks among the most attractive tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. There is a large network of marked hiking trails and cycle touring tracks. Rock towns are the real paradise of climbers. In Český ráj you will also find good places for paragliding. Various ponds, rivers and swimming pools offer good opportunities for swimming.

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